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Quick and Easy Smoothie Recipe

on July 12, 2013

On the topic of smoothies, I didn’t drink them until after I developed TMJ, and couldn’t chew. Since then, my mother developed a simple smoothie recipe for me. It is truly wonderful for those n a gluten-free diet, because, let’s be honest, there’s not much Americans eat in the mornings that don’t have major amounts of gluten. This recipe is not dairy free unless you leave out the yogurt bits and use dairy-free milk. It is very easy though to change up for your various dietary needs.

The night before take a large package of yogurt (we use the Great Value Low-Fat Vanilla) and freeze it in an ice cub tray. Later crack them out into a container and freeze until you need them

Put all ingredients in a blender

  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup of your favorite juice (I normally use cranberry-grape, but orange or blueberry pomegranate are great too, next on my list to try is prune)
  • 3 cubes of yogurt (more if you want it creamier, less if you want it lower fat)
  • 2 cups of desired frozen fruit

One of my personal favorites is orange juice and peaches. However, right now we have no frozen peaches, and I decided on the peanut butter banana smoothie that I have already shared. In any case, I hope you find this quick recipe helpful and delicious!


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