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Seeing the Doctor

on July 15, 2013

I have been to more doctors than almost anyone my age and I’m still not comfortable going. More likely than not, they are talking so fast, that they’re not listening to what you say. My new nutritionist confirmed this feeling that I was being ignored even by my doctors when he told me I didn’t fit into the 5-10 minute diagnosis. He said that a doctor will spend 10 minutes with a new patient, 5 with a returning one. If they spend more time, they are losing money. This is the  result of our incredible insurance and medicaid systems. Doctors are paid for how many patients they see, why they see them, and what procedures they use with the patients. Not by the amount of time they spend with each patient. So if you don’t fit into this five-ten minute diagnosis, you may have trouble getting help.

Armed with this information, a patient can be more prepared. Have a list of questions; it will speed the process. For people like me, who get overwhelmed by the whirlwind doctor, having a written list is an incredible help.

Another thing that is helpful is to have an idea for the possibility of your diagnosis. It is easy to scare yourself doing this, so you need to keep in mind that there are many possibilities. Suggest to your doctor that you think it may be a food allergy rather than some frightening condition. Know the terms you may hear from your physician so that you can explain what you have already ruled out or consider what he suggests intelligently.

I hope these small tips will get you through a doctor’s visit.


2 responses to “Seeing the Doctor

  1. Laura says:

    Amen! They are so fast and seem like they are convinced of the diagnosis before they even come in the room!

  2. […] and talk to me and listen to me, gain my trust. I wrote in an earlier post, tips for when you go see your doctor. This post is more to simply be sympathetic and complain to the many doctors who will probably never […]

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