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Living with newfound food intolerances (allergies, reactions)

Rotational Diet

on July 20, 2013

“The hygiene hypothesis states that excessive cleanliness interrupts the normal development of the immune system, and this change leads to an increase in allergies. In short, our “developed” lifestyles have eliminated the natural variation in the types and quantity of germs our immune systems needs for it to develop into a less allergic, better regulated state of being.” (

How many times did you hear your mom tell you to wash your hands? How many steps do you think that hamburger patty went through between the cow and your plate? We are a people obsessed with cleanliness. I am the first to admit that I might be the worst in this respect. I washed my hands maybe a thousand times more than was necessary. I wouldn’t touch raw meat until the last few years.

All this leads me to the rotational diet. I have multiple, multiple allergies. Many people in the US have the same sort of problem when they start looking at the possibility of food intolerance. Rather than cutting all these things completely out of your diet, rotate them. My dad told me this morning that he had recently started eating peanut butter again. It had been giving him problems when he ate it each morning. But, when he cut it out for a while, and only eats it every few days, he has no trouble.

The suggestion from the lab that did my food panel was that I eat the things that did not react and that only reacted a little every couple of days, or as needed to fill in gaps that other things left. The foods that had a moderate reaction, I can eat once every four days, being sure that all foods in one family are on the same floor. The food that I reacted strongly to, such as any and all dairy, I have to cut out for the next few months. Then I can begin rotating them in to my diet again.

If you think this sort of diet might help you, look up rotational diet online and see what comes up.


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