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Real Food again!

on July 31, 2013

Sorry about the long silence. Things have been a little crazy around here, and they won’t get much better for quite a while. So, while I try to get back in gear, I hope you’ll enjoy this little post about something I read in an email from Gluten-Free Goddess (a great site, by the way, with some good recipes).

“They expect we’ll fall to our knees with gratitude just because it sports two little words on its label. As if the virtue of being gluten-free is enough. Enough to get us to shell out almost seven hard earned dollars for two and a half cups of cheap refined starch and the privilege of convenience.

And don’t get me wrong. I get the allure. I do.

I mean, you’re standing there in the supermarket. It’s late. You’re hungry. And it’s right there in front of you. Right next to the 40 acres of shiny wheat laden stuff you can’t have. Ever. And those magic words: Gluten-Free! They sparkle. Someone up there in the land of corporate giants has heard of us! They validate you and your odd little disease.

We exist!

And hence, we may consume.

They are recognizing us now, Sweetpea, because we constitute a billion dollar windfall. The food industry has awakened to the perky reality TV version of celiac disease. And sure, I know. The argument is, It’s all good. Any awareness is positive (even though the gluten-free diet may be in danger of losing street cred because of its faddish status with actresses who subscribe to its hyped promise of weight loss).”

                     Gluten-Free Goddess

This is very true for gluten-free people, and also for almost any food allergy my readers may have. No one really cares about our “diet” until we can promise weight-loss. Now though, I’m sure you, like myself, began your diet thinking, I’ll be well and maybe I’ll lose a few pounds on the way. However, you’re not going to lose much weight if you replace your prepackaged glutenous snacks, with prepackaged gluten-free snacks that have just as many unpronounceable ingredients and probably more sugar to cover up the cheap corn and rice flours.

Really, prepackaged and preservative-infused foods are good for no one. They are very convenient and wonderful, but they are not natural foods and they can cause problems with your digestive tract, your head, your hormones, etc. (see previous post on symptoms of intolerance for an idea)

Again, since this is Real Food Wednesday, I wanted to take the opportunity to remind all my readers that eating real food (in normal amounts) will help circumvent so many of the medical problems we Americans are getting today.

For more about eating REAL FOOD 🙂 (instead of the junk we, myself included, normally eat) visit Real Food Wednesday 7/31.



One response to “Real Food again!

  1. MammaPooh says:

    Another excellent post Hannah! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness acknowledging all of us and our struggles not just with the weight, although that is a definite issue for many of us, but more than that, with understanding and fixing the underlying problem. Sorting through the myriad variations of symptoms we suffer from until we find & fix the cause—that should be everyone’s goal. I’m becoming convinced that many of our issues have a direct correlation with the rise in convenience foods that were supposed to make our lives easier. Thank you for making us stop and re-evaluate our lifestyles and eating habits.

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