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Gluten and Having Babies

on September 7, 2013

I am trying to do several posts on various symptoms of food intolerance that I mentioned in a different page. The one that I would like to cover in this post is infertility. This is a rather touchy subject and I apologize in advance to any readers that find this near and dear to their hearts as I do.

For the women, it appears that only about 4% of women with unexplained fertility found an explanation in gluten insensitivity (or celiac disease in that particular study). In one Italian study, 65% of celiac women had at least one reproductive problem compared to 31% of women without celiac who had difficulties. That seems fairly significant, and therefore worth a shot. Stats

For the men, however, there is also plenty of information. One study found that more than 19% of married men who had celiac disease were infertile. That blows my mind away. If that many who know they have celiac disease are also infertile, then how many unexplained infertile marriages, may find their explanation in gluten allergies?

If you want more information, I would suggest doing a google search for “gluten and infertility.” Overall though, the most helpful site that I found was here. And this was the most enlightening section for me, perhaps you will find it so as well.

Gluten and Infertility

Melissa Diane Smith, author of “Going Against the Grain” has been stated as saying that the leading cause of recurrent miscarriage is an undiagnosed gluten sensitivity. She also said that 85% of her PCOS clients showed positive for it as well. (It is also been shown to have a direct correlation with Endometriosis as well) Men are not immune to infertility due to celiac either as they may also suffer from unexplained infertility.

So how does gluten specifically affect fertility? No one really knows for sure actually. But one of the thoughts is that the damage to the intestinal wall can lead to a lot of malabsorption. Mal absorption leads to the body not being fed what it needs in order to produce the right amounts of hormones needed for conception or to bring a pregnancy to term. There is also the fact that celiac is an auto immune disease meaning that the immune system begins to attack parts of your body. And while pregnant, an attack on any part of your body is a very bad thing.

As I said, this is near and dear to my heart. There is a fairly good chance that I may have PCOS. There is also a fairly good chance that I may turn out to be infertile. But it gives me immense hope to think that I could possibly heal myself someday with diet.


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